World Games 2017 Recap of Day 3 Powerlifting Competition

The third and final day saw the venue completely packed with spectators as the women’s and men’s super-heavy weight divisions were contested. The competition was so fierce, some athletes risked all to gain the slightest competitive advantage over one another creating scenarios of high drama, heartbreak and jubilation! 


In the women’s contest, Bonica Laugh dominated with sheer weight on the bar but Tetyana Melynyk at such a light bodyweight put up an incredible show of strength finished so close perfectly demonstrating the unique competition that is the World Games format!


The men’s contest was so intense, athletes attempted extremely high-risk weights often just missing them again and again creating wild scenes as the audience willed their heroes upwards! In the process lifts were witnessed that will live in people’s minds for years to come.


The top three results from the final day of lifting were:


Women super-heavy weight

1. Bonica Lough (USA) 600.71

2. Tetyana Melnyk (UKR) 598.36

3. Liane Blyn (USA) 590.07


Men super-heavy weight

1. Oleksii Rokochiy (UKR) 632.5

2. Joseph Cappellino (USA) 613.13

3. Nurlan Yeshmakhanov (KAZ) 603.70

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