IPF World Rankings 2006 - on Wilks points 
Powerlifting Men Powerlifting Women
Bench Press Men Bench Press Women
The IPF World Ranking Lists are composed of results from international events listed on the IPF Calendar.
Miami USA World Mastes Bench Press Championships 19.-23.4.2006
Miami USA Pan-American Masters Bench Press Championsh. 19.-23.4.2006
Taebaek Korea Asian Powerlifting Championships 1.-5.5.2006
Ptostejov Czech Republic European W & M Powerlifting Championships 9.-14.5.2006
Miskolc Hungary World Bench Press Championships 24.-28.5.2006
Alexandria Egypt All African Powerlifting Championships * 8.-9.6.2006
Bratislava Slovakia European Junior Powerlifting Championships 14.-18.6.2006
Dorado Puerto Rico 4th North American Powerlifting Championships 15.-18.6.2006
Prostejov Czech Republic European Masters Powerlifting Championships 5.-9.7.2006
Hamm Luxembourg Western European Powerlifting Championships 20.-23.7.2006
Bordeaux France European Bench Press Championships 10.-13.8.2006
Manila Philippines Asian Bench Press Championships 19.-21.8.2006
Sofia Bulgaria World Sub-Junior & Junior Powerlifting Championsh. 5.-10.9.2006
São Paulo Brazil South American Powerlifting Championships 7.-10.9.2006
Frydek Mistek Czech Republic European Masters Bench Press Championships 21.-24.9.2006
Killeen USA World Masters Powerlifting Championships 4.-8.10.2006
San Jose Costa Rica North American Bench Press Championships 19-10-2006
Stavanger Norway World W & M Powerlifting Championships 5.-12.11.2006
Townsville Australia Oceania Powerlifting Championships 8.-10.12.2006
* there was no doping testing in this Championship