IPF 2012 Unequipped World Rankings on Wilks points 
Powerlifting Men Powerlifting Women
Bench Press Men Bench Press Women
The IPF World Ranking Lists are composed of results from international events listed on the IPF Calendar:
Columbus U.S. of America Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival 02.-04.03.2012
Melbourne Australia Pacific Raw Invitational 01.04.2012
Stockholm Sweden IPF Classics Powerlifting World Cup 12.-17.06.2012
Georgetown Cayman Islands North American Powerlifting Championships 23.-28.7.2012
Denver U.S. of America Pan-American & NAPF Bench Press Championships 16.-17.11.2012
Sydney Australia Oceania Raw PL & BP Championships 07.-09.12.2012
Coimbatore India Asian Classic Powerlifting Championships 10.-14.12.2012