IPF 2012 Bench Press World Rankings
Men Women
53.0 43.0
59.0 47.0
66.0 52.0
74.0 57.0
83.0 63.0
93.0 72.0
105.0 84.0
120.0 84+
The IPF World Ranking Lists are composed of results from international events listed on the IPF Calendar:
Columbus U.S. of America Arnold Sport Festival 02.-04.03.2012
Charlotte Amalie U.S. Virgin Islands Caribbean Islands Powerlifting Championships 29.-31.03.2012
Aurora U.S. of America World Masters Bench Press Championships 19.-22.04.2012
Udaipur India Asian Powerlifting Championships 01.-07.05.2012
Mariupol Ukraine Men's & Women's European Powerlifting Championships 08.-12.05.2012
Pilsen Czech Republic World Bench Press Championships for Open & Sub-Junior & Junior  21.-26.05.2012
Herning Denmark European Sub-Junior & Junior Powerlifting Championships 05.-09.06.2012
Orlando U.S. of America IBSA Bench Press and Powerlifting Championships for the Blind and Visually Impaired 01.-08.07.1011
Pilsen Czech Republic European Masters Powerlifting Championships 17.-21.07.2012
Gerogetown Cayman Islands North American Powerlifting Championships 24.-28.07.2012
Terni Italy European Bench Press Championships 09.-11.08.2012
Cali Colombia South American Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships 15.-19.08.2012
Szczyrk Poland World Sub-Juniors & Juniors Powerlifting Championships 28.8.-02.09.2012
Almaty  Kazahkstan Asian Bench Press Championships 18.-21.09.2012
Hamm Luxembourg Western European Championships 28.-29.09.2012
Killeen U.S. of America World Masters Powerlifting Championships 02.-07.10.2012
Pilsen Czech Republic European Masters Bench Press Championships 18.-20.10.2012
Aguadilla Puerto Rico Men's and Women's World Powerlifting Championships 29.10.-04.11.2012
Denver  U.S. of America North American and Pan-American Bench Press Championships 16.-17.11.2012