Gaston talks about Worlds, IOC and more!

Dear lifters, officials,

Now at the conclusion of the World Open Powerlifting Championships in Luxembourg, I want to thank all lifters for your outstanding performances and all officials for the work you have done.
Many world records were achieved and we witnessed some great fights at this championship.
It was very exciting to see all our lifters fighting for each place and some were very close to each other, not only for the first place but also to have the best place possible. 

I can only say that you are all great in our eyes and we are proud to have you all in the IPF.
I hope you all enjoyed your stay in Luxemburg and that you are all safely back home.
It was a great pleasure for us to organize this Worlds and I want say thank you to all the volunteers who made this happened.

Now this year is coming to a close and we are looking forward to the next year.

Some changes in the EC have happened and I am looking forward to working hand in hand with the new team and to reach as a team, our goal of IOC recognition.
We have fulfilled all the criteria and so I hope that this time we will be accepted as a recognized sport for the IOC.

In December we have the Commonwealth Championships in Canada with Special Olympics lifters also taking part there.
This is the first time we have been sanctioned by the Commonwealth Games to officially host this Commonwealth Championships. 

This is a great step forward for us. So I hope that this championship will be a great success and that maybe it helps to open the doors for us to enter the Commonwealth Games.

Next year we will organize the 1st IPF University Cup. 

We are working on it to get it under the patronage of the FISU (International University Sports Federation).

That’s why we named it “Cup” as that was their recommendation. 

This will be a great step forward for the IPF, as the Universities have a lot of Powerlifters all over the world.

In the past we had the Students’ Cup but it was not a success and hence we stopped it. 

But I’m confident that the IPF University Cup will be a success and we hope also that it opens the door for us to participate in the University Games.
As you can see we are working very hard in many and varied ways to take the IPF forward!

I want to express my thanks to all of you for your faith in me and for re-electing me as President of the IPF. 

In the last 3 years my team and I have worked very hard to bring Powerlifting forward and I can assure you that we still have a lot to do and that I am doing my utmost with my team, to  reach our goals.
Like powerlifters, we never give up and we have a lot of projects to work on and goals to achieve. 
Now we need the help of all of you to continually move forward.

All of you need to be working on the same page as the IPF, to be prepared for the IOC recognition. 

It will surely not be less work, but more work. 

So let us continue to work positively in the regions and at the national levels to raise our sport up and help it achieve the merit it rightly deserves.

Best regards
Gaston Parage

IPF President

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