IPF Secretary

Dear Members of the IPF,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you, Ms. Natascha Chiucchini who joins us at IPF HQ in Luxembourg as Office Secretary.  Over the years, the IPF's administrative demands grew to such an extent that the necessity for a dedicated and professional office employee became undeniable.  In what we consider to be yet another important development in our evolution and growth, we have attained the means to create this renumerated position thereby adding to our future capabilities and capacity.

Natascha comes to us with high-level administrative skills and relevant experience. She also speaks English, German, French and Luxembourgish. She will be involved in all office duties, assisting me in daily administrative tasks as well as assisting the IPF treasurer in the preparation of the invoices and so on. In future, all correspondence to IPF HQ should be sent to our office e-mail address office(at)powerlifting-ipf.com  As a part of Natascha's orientation to the IPF, she has just now returned from the SportAccord Convention where she accompanied Robert Keller and myself as we attended important meetings and promoted our federation, raising our profile and expanding out connections to key organisations for our future.

I take this opportunity to also inform you that the new IPF office which will be situated in the Maison des Sports in Luxemburg, is expected to be ready and available for us to occupy later this year. Until then, the IPF
address remains as it is. 

So, I am sure you will join me in welcoming Natascha into our IPF family as we continue to raise the bar in the quality and capacity of our output and endeavours. 

IPF President
Gaston Parage

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