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IMPORTANT notice for ALL nations:

IPF Anti-Doping Rules - 14.3 Doping Control Information Clearinghouse

When a National Federation has received an Adverse Analytical Finding on one of its Athletes it shall report the following information to the IPF and WADA within fourteen (14) days of the process described in Article 7.1: the Athlete‚Äôs name, country, sport and discipline within the sport, whether the test was In-Competition or Out-of- Competition, the date of Sample collection and the analytical result reported by the laboratory. The National Federation shall also regularly update the IPF and WADA on the status and findings of any review or proceedings conducted pursuant to Article 7 (Results Management), Article 8 (Right to a Fair Hearing) or Article 13 (Appeals), and comparable information shall be provided to the IPF and WADA within 14 days of the notification described in Article 7.1.9, with respect to other violations of these Anti- Doping Rules.  

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