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Dear Members, colleagues and visitors of the IPF webpage.


As the IPF President it gives me great pleasure to tell you our sport is continuing to progress. As you are aware, powerlifting is avery popular activity and is increasingly being utilised as part of strength training in many Fitness Centers and Gymnasiums throughout the world. Modern sport has recognized that strength/powerlifting movements are essential in improving the standard of sport and well being of the participant in sport. In fact it is now included in many general fitness regimes. Powerlifting is the competitive sport of core strength activities. Long may our sport progress and continue to become more popular.

We have expanded our media activities. The IPF will continue to improve in this area urge our members to publicise our sport in a responsible manner, through the modern communication media of twitter, facebook You Tube etc. Let us make sure in 2013 we expand the popularity of powerlifting. Since 2013 you can join IPF also over the APP IPFNews Android and Apple system. Never forgetting our sport requires us to compete honestly and fairly within the rules of the IPF.

Best regards


Gaston Parage

IPF President